Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The market is coming to town ...

Ethan is very excited as the Links Market is coming to Kirkcaldy tomorrow. It is a funfair, that is reputedly the longest street fair in Europe, running almost one mile in length along the Esplanade. I haven't been in about a million years, always loved going as a teenager. Bouncing around on the rides gave you an excuse to accidentally bump into the boy you fancied!! I am taking E on Friday with Amy and Michelle and Sunday with Marion, Jody, Rachel and Logan. I just hope they don't have goldfish as prizes anymore, as I know he will want one and Charlie and Lola will just love that!!

I am just getting ready to take him to Nursery, then I have to go to Asda.... the joys! Think I might take him for a cake (and coffee for me) after nursery.

It was Rachel's birthday on Friday and we all went out for a family meal, there were 18 members of my family there, we haven't all been together like that since the wedding last summer. Debbie is starting to get a bump now. It has been 15 years since a girl was born into the family, so there is just a little bit of pressure on them to have one!!! I decided to keep my non-drinking effort going a little longer and stuck to lime and soda .... although the peroni beer was calling to me. But I was good and ignored it!!

Here is a picture me, Rachel and Jody. I have still to upload the rest of the photos as I need to get some new batteries!! Em x

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