Saturday, 5 June 2010

Twinkle toes

Morning all,
Well it's a lazy one for me. Despite being woken at the crack o dawn by the postie (bringing me lovely things!!), I am still lounging around in my PJs. Been sorting through summer clothes, drinking coffee and eating pain au chocolat, painting my toe nails, wrapping gifts, reading and generally chilling out!

Ethan is down in London with Daddy for 5 days as it's in-service days up here next week. I do love the peace, but am also missing my wee munchkin!

Am off to a BBQ later, then having Joshua at night so that D&G can have a night out.

Also realised that my cold, was infect hayfever!!!!! I have Bern suffering with it since I had ethan, but not this bad for a good few years. Am off to the dr on mon to get some decent meds!

6 weeks today we will be on the plane, soooo looking forward to it, we will have an amazing time!! Need to start writing lists and cracking on with the sit-ups!

Right, better get a shift on!
Enjoy the sun!!
Em x
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