Wednesday, 27 August 2008

no photos yet!

Sorry, i know that I said I would put up some pics today (and I have huners from the past few weeks..) but i am getting a new laptop any day now .. so adding new photos to this old slow mo PC seemend pointless! I am just trying to back up all my files, move over all my millions of years worth of photos onto CD's etc and saving all the links to websites that i love.

Am soooooo looking forward to new laptop, as this one is ancient and is v slow. Plus because the new one has wifi and I have a spanking new router, I can use it anywhere. I am currently debating wether to move my craft area back to my bedroom, as it is SERIOUSLY taking over my living room, and I want that space back. Although I do like my bedroom, as it is lovely and calm, and clutter free (apart from the 4 year old sleeping on my 320 thread count sheets, lol!!).

So i am in a bit of a pickle ... I have a number of options;

a) leave it as it is, as with new desk and laptop, living room will look less cluttered anyway
b) move it all to bedroom, however to maximise space I will need to get a new flatscreen tv and mount it on the wall ... oh dear more spending, lol!
c) move it all to my bedroom cupboard, but keep new desk in living room, and just bring out stuff when i need it....
d) I take over Ethan's bedroom as my craft room/office .... ha ha ha ha ... not yet anyway!!

I am going to need a bit of 'office' space for my new 'work' ventures, so am just trying to work out what is the best scenario .... however most of them involve spending more money... dooh!

Anyway, I am off to catch up on some TV and enjoy a glass of wine. E and I had roast beef for dinner tonight, (he ate the lot), so i needed to open the bottle to make the gravy (wellt hat is my excuse!).

Night all
em xx

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Katy said...

Hiya hun, well i would say have it in your lounge all in special storage to match the room decor etc, and it will be good coz when your laptop arrives it will take up so much less room and look swish to :D

Katy xxxx