Thursday, 28 August 2008


Yayyyy!!! Thanks to my brother, who found me a replacement laptop .. I am back on track and I have just had an email to say that it has been dispatched!

So I have gutted my living room and moved all my craft stuff through to my bedroom. I will keep the desk in the living room, (without this humongous old pc, it will look much less cluttered) and just use the space to craft and bring through all the bits when i need them. This way my living room is back to being a living room, and a lot more spacious now, and my bedroom is still a bedroom!!


I am off to collect my boy in a bit. I need to take him to the hairdressers. Usually his dad takes him, his hair is getting v V v long, (which is my intention) and i just want it tidied up a bit. But i am scared James will take him in and get it all chopped off. He is even schooling Ethan to say 'I want my hair short like daddy's'... however I have told them both that i am the boss of the hair (well for now anyway!!).

More soon
em xx

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Katy said...

well done on sorting the living room, sounds like its all coming together now hun. Hope the lappy arrives soon :D

Bless little e with his hair, we must see some pics :D

Take care K xxxxx