Sunday, 7 September 2008

LABB (Life After Big Brother!!)

Ha ha, how do we all cope, post BB. It is funny how quickly we forget all those people who kept us amused for so many weeks. I really wanted Sara to win, Rachel was ok, a bit boring, quite sweet. But I had to turn off her interview with Davina ... yawn!! So what do we do now .....

Anyway, am loving my new laptop, just the freedom to use it anywhere, and Ethan is really getting the hang of it too. I have the feeling he will be needing his own one pretty soon.

Debbie and I had a wee photo shoot this week, as I needed some decent head shots for some work I am doing, but typically my camera broke (sob, sob, well it is about 4 years old). So Debbie rushed (well as fast as a 35 week pregnant woman can rush!!) up to theirs and get her camera, by which point we had totally out of time and the end results were not that decent!! But i am v self critical, and don't really take a good photo, yuk!!

Here is one of them. I have also managed to get some of the other photos off my SD card (including some from Geoff's 30th Birthday party, cringe!!).
I ordered a new camera last night, I just hope it arrived before I go on holiday on Wednesday. Plus the next stage in my Craft area master plan is complete as I have bought a new desk as well. So it will be lovely and organised and I can craft in style, hee hee!!

Anyway, I am about to jump in the bath, so had better get moving.
Hope you are all well.
em x

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Katy said...

i dont no how im going to survive with out BB, im missing it already, oh well i guess there is now more time to do some scrapping, well thats the plan anyway.

Loving the pictures, and the belly looks like one to scrap for them :D im yet to scrap all the ones i have of flick :D