Monday, 8 September 2008

New Toy

Thankfully my new camera arrived today, it is great. Very dinky and light, so perfect size for handbags, lol! One huge bonus is that is has a rechargable battery, so no more swearing when it runs out, just at an important moment! Unfortunately is is black and very similar looking to my mobile .. i see lots of confusion down the road 'Hello, Hello' oops I have taken a photo of my ear, lol!

So I have spent the evening playing and trying to get the hang of it, before I go away on Wednesday, here are a couple of pics of my willing volunteer.
I also got a phone call today to arrange delivery of my new desk, and yayyy it comes the day after I get home, so I will soon be crafting in style! We are also going to Ikea the weekend I am back, so can gets some more bits, plus some things for the kitchen. I love Ikea, but thankfully my aunty has a small car, so cant buy too much,lol!

Marion and Jody were up today, so I got a final Greek lesson. It will be the first time in years that i don't have her to rely on, hopefully I will remember all I know... Ethan gave us a little fashion show as i got him his winter coat today and he loves it. It is a grey duffel coat, complete with toggles, he looks just like Paddington!

Right, i am going to watch Juno in bed and look at my To Do lists, I really should do my packing but can't face it tonight.

Sleep well
em xx

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Katy said...

Cool hope you have fun with the camera, ethan looked very willing bless him :D

I watched Juno the other evening, i thought it was fab :D i just watched Keeping Mum this eveing on channel 4 was a giggle :D

have a fab holiday.

Katy xxxx