Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I'm back, I'm back!!!

Yayyy I feel much better, yesterday was the first day that I actually felt human! So today has been really full on, trying to get everything done before my boy gets back. Spent 3 hours this morning working with designer/printer to get new marketing materials ready ... a bit cross-eyed now! I made a fairly big decision on Monday, so very excited about my business now!!

We have a busy few days ahead, tomorrow we are having birthday fun with the lovely Hils and Stru, and then we are going on a play date with Michelle and Amy on Friday... I can't wait to have Ethan home .. have really missed him,but he has been having loads of fun with Daddy, so I bet he hasn't missed me at all, hee hee!

Anyway, still got a few bits to finish off.
I am also on a diet for the impending bikini season, yikes... so currently munching away on seeds and nuts..!
More soon
em xxx

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Katy said...

Yay your little monster is back :D so glad your feeling better hun, it must be my turn now lol.

Diet is good, i lubs seeds and nuts yummy.

Katy xxxx