Monday, 20 April 2009

The Market came to town ....

Last week the Links Market came to town, this is basically a fun fair that runs the length of the esplanade (it is quite famous and millions of years old). I used to go loads as a teenager, and try to fall on top of the boy I fancied, on some bumpy rides, lol. I wouldn't go now, if it weren't for having a small child, over priced, noisy and crowded. But we managed to have some fun!

Thursday was my lovely friend Hils' 21st (LOL!) birthday, so we took the boys to the park for a picnic and then headed down to 'the market'... they had a great time, and Ethan practically wet himself with excitement on this roller coaster thingy we went on... they also loved this enclosed bouncy castle thing, great for tiring out two small boys. I managed to steer clear of the candyfloss, toffee apples and hot dogs all calling my name (minus 12 weeks until bikini!!)... and came home much lighter of pocket, it is a bit of a rip off really. The biggest swizz was this ghost train, which was absolute cr*p, cost £2 each and lasted max 30 seconds ... a couple of bits of wool dangling in your face, wooo I'm so scared, lol, really pants, felt quite miffed at paying for such a rubbish ride. Will remember to steer clear of that one next year!

Ethan is now back at nursery, only 12 weeks left as a pre-schooler (well 10 as he has a week away at Centre Parcs and a week up at Nanny's in May). I am still trying to get my head around the fact that he is starting school in the summer... yikes!

I have also converted 3 new crafters recently, my lovely neighbour Sandra, Ethan's friend Owen's mum Lisa and an ex-colleague.. so I am being inundated with questions/texts about what to do with an eyelet, what trimmer to get etc etc etc .. all good. It is great to have so many crafty people out there, and it has been really nice to help them get into a hobby that has given me so much over the years (plus I have managed to get rid of a lot of old stash that I would never use now, it is really overwhelming when you start, so I have been really happy to pass on my stuff. That is my good deed for the month, lol!).

The weather has also been lovely, which makes everything seem wonderful at the moment ...I just love when I can get E in his shorts, get those skinny legs out in the sun!!

Only a few days voting left on this round of The Scrapbook Apprentice, so if you haven't voted, pop on over and have a look. There is some really lovely work.

Right, I am off to watch The Tudors!
Night everyone.

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Katy said...

I remember the days of them fairs, wasted so much money but being a kid it was such fun :D

Not long now for E he is such a bright clever boy and i bet he will love school, lots of stories he will come home and suprise you with im sure lol

yay for all the new crafters, shame i could not get some more down this neck of the woods, but then i like crafting alone, its bad enough when gran comes to raid my stash ** Sigh **

Katy xxx