Friday, 26 August 2011

Footsteps ...

Nothing really major to post .. it is Friday morning and i have my first day off this week. Although I have just had a couple of new sewing commissions in, one for a load of items for a soon to be born baby boys nursery.... super cute and bound to make me broody!

I had a new baby start at class this week, although he was 10 weeks old, he was so small and precious and i got to snuggle him for ages at coffee time! I really do love children, I have been like this since i was a little girl. I am the oldest of many grandchildren in our family and i have always had the mothering role. I know I wanted to be a mummy from about the age of 6. Since i was a child, anywhere and everywhere i go, if there are ever any children, they all seem to gravitate towards me. I just love interacting with them, making them laugh, getting down on their level and communicating with them.. a combo of Mary Poppins and (kind version of) the Pied Piper... which is why i love my job. It is like i have all these extra 'babies' ... some of my very first babies are all starting school nursery. I feel so proud and grateful for the time i have had with them, but sad to see them grow up and move on. Luckily I have made a great many friend through teaching and still see lots of my little ones regularly on a social basis... so fear not!! I know that I am very fortunate, I have a job which means I can work it around the needs of my family, i can devote myself to Ethan and Joshua, but when I am working it is fun! I love all the laughter, their imagination, their innocence. Yesterday I had Ethan, Joshua and Lucy (every 3 weeks I have her for 3 days after school) ... they made 'dens', jumped off the sofa onto piles of cushions, we baked, planted seeds, they told me funny made up stories! Granted I am exhausted by the end of the day, but all that doesn't matter. It was FUN! (I am not saying I am perfect, far from it!! I get cross, I get grumpy, I am tired, I do let ethan watch TV sometimes, I do bribe with chocolate, lol! But I know that they are only 'mine' for a short time and I want to savour every moment with them, before they go off to make footsteps of their own!).

There is a crispness to the air today (although that may be partly due to the fact that on our way home from the school run a mummy friend and I stood chatting until 10 ... so i was a bit cold when i came in!!) .. and it is making me thing of making pies, hot chocolate and new winter clothes.... I love the change in seasons, all the associated traditions, the new phase. The only thing I don't like is the dark nights and mornings ... makes the whole day seem shorter. But it also means lots more time for snuggling under a handmade quilt, cosy time together.

I do feel all 'fuzzy and happy' at the moment .. every now and then I stop and feel the happiness wash over me, nothing major, nothing outstanding .. just life. As I have said so many times before it is the small things.... But there are also lots of big things coming up. Lots of friends are having babies, which i am SO looking forward to. Then Halloween, holidays (going back up to Nanny's in October!!), Christmas. But it is also just stopping to take a moment to enjoy! Enjoy your family, enjoy your life, enjoy making your footsteps, whether they be big or small!

Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class starts in September, I really enjoyed doing this in the past. (and i really did learn lots about myself!)... so need to do some prep work on that today!

So, I hope today is god to you!
em xx

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