Friday, 21 October 2011


so it looks like it nearly 3 weeks since i last blogged .. sorry .. that is what happened in the holidays, sidetracked!! But forgive me a little, I was away for 10 days of that and the signal is a bit pants up there.. haha!

All is good, we had a lovely time up with Nanny. I got us all kitted out for winter ( i am prepared for full-on snow like last year, so think all new snow gear.. boots, gloves, waterproof trousers, thermals etc).. i also got some nice knitwear and a few more dresses, plus lots of lovely new tights. I am big into navy at the moment, and M&S also had some lovely knitted, ribbed style grey tights, they will be vv cosy! I also managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done, so I am on target, which is great and will hopefully aid a stress-free, relaxed Christmas. I just need to remember to get the flu jag in plenty time, as I don't want a repeat of the past 2 winters :-((

So my new term started back and i have lots of lovely new, tiny babies ... so cute! One of my good friends is also about to pop, i am sooooo hoping she is having a girl (whom i might steal!!). I have also been really busy with all the Christmas stock preparations. I have also been adding lots of children's/baby bits and bobs as I am now doing a series of Children & Baby markets up here, so appliqued onsies to go with my customised tees, dribble bibs, play mats, more aprons. I need to make a start on the lavender cushions as 2kg of the most gorgeous lavender got delivered while I was away and is currently making my airing cupboard smell wonderful and fragrant!

Ethan has been at Centre Parcs with Daddy all this week, i have been getting updates and photos .. horse riding, roller blading, fencing... he is having a ball but i will be glad when he is home.

I am now going to chill for the rest of the evening as i spent all of today sewing and i have now come over really, really tired. I also think it is this new sofa, it is soooo comfy, and we can completely stretch out on it and chill ... looking forward to lots of snugly nights with my boys next week!

Right, I have some Dexter to catch up on. I promise to be back sooner than 3 weeks!!
em xx

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