Sunday, 2 October 2011

Time passes when you are busy doing something else ...

There i was on a roll with blogging and then i get sidetracked and forget ... sorry! Anyway, I have snatched a few minutes to get it done...

Well, hands up who has been enjoying the wonderful weather we have been experiencing? I had to dig out our freshly packed away summer clothes, it is all very confusing. As long as we don't have a hot Christmas I will be happy. Although weather predictions are that it will snow from late October until February ... ??!!! I am happy in all weathers... I have kind of had enough sun now, and would like autumn back now please as i bought some lovely CK-inspired tights last week and i would very much like to wear them!

Anyway... i have kind of been swallowed up my the BuzyMums creating machine ... Christmas stock is coming together.

But as fast as I am making it, people are ordering it. However I guess that is the point, duh! I also got a commission to make 4 pairs of curtains, lovely rich colours and the most gorg fabric, nice and heavy. Inspiring me to change my mind on the plans i had for my new living room ones, yet again! That is the 'downside' of my job, so much beautiful fabric passes thorough my hands, i am a bit like a child in a sweetshop.....

I have also volunteered to help run the school walking club, children need a minimum of 60minutes exercise a day and all that jazz. We had our training on Friday and took our first group of children out, it was great fun. I even get my own whistle, which took me back to my days as a Rainbow Guide leader .. sigh, i miss that ... do i have anymore free hours to volunteer again??!!? We are lucky here as we have lots of lovely walks right on our doorstep. We have green spaces, the beach, the woods, coastal paths, old cobbled streets, watchtowers, graveyards (spooky!), a wonderful park. The children really enjoyed it, so much so that we actually have a waiting list for places. We start properly the first week back after the October holidays. Can't wait!

The most important event this week, was that my lovely little Joshua turned 3!

It really is a strange thing, how quickly time passes. I always get a sense of this. I mean 3 years really isn't that long. He is still all sparkly and new. But it is a lifetime... how can he be 3 and yet? But then hasn't he always been here? I really am so lucky. He is like my own son and we have a special bond. Small sweet things, I taught him to say 'I love you'... He just adores Ethan, which he can finally pronounce, although it sounds more like 'Efun' .. v sweet. I hadn't noticed this before, but my auntie who was round the night before his birthday and she was commenting on his speech (she is a social worker, with a background in child behaviour/psychology.. so she knows all about 'kids'!) and his language skills etc and that he has a little English accent. My sister in law and my brother both sound Scottish, so he has picked up his accent form me and Ethan! From all the time we spend with him. This made me so proud, lol, how much we have rubbed off on him, the impact we have had on him, shaped him into the perfect wee boy he is! I hadn't really thought about it before... but that was a 'visible' reminder!

We had a lovely evening celebrating his birthday. Lots of special people, bubbly and of course I was the one running around the garden with all the kids in the dark and teaching them the 'bean' game on the trampoline .. their favourite was 'baked beans' go figure, lol! I love evenings like that. Laughter, love, friendship and family! xx

I am now on 'holiday' for 2 weeks, well a holiday from classes, not sewing! A much needed holiday as i really haven't stopped since we got back from Florida! Our new furniture comes tomorrow, I haven't organised this very well as we are getting the whole house rewired .. so more upheaval... Anyway, it will all be beautiful in the end. Then I am a parent volunteer for Ethan's school trip on Tuesday and then it is Parents Evening on Wednesday. I am looking forward to this. I love to hear how he has been getting on, to look in his drawer and see all his work, lol. Thankfully Daddy is coming to as he always remembers to ask the important things. Then on Thursday we are going up to my Nanny's for 10 days! I am beyond excited about this. We just LOVE it up there. It is glorious. The scenery, the trees, the space, the garden, and most importantly my nanny... we LOVE her. Can't wait. She is then coming back down with us and staying here for 4 days.. so lots of extra Nanny time. Ethan is going to Centre Parcs, so I can have her all to myself mmwwahahaha!

So, I had better sign off now as i have an order of 6 cushions that i need to get done and delivered for tomorrow.... and I really should get dressed! And in case you were wondering is is 369 days away ....
em x

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