Friday, 16 September 2011

it's dreich out today ....

If you are Scottish you will know what this means ;-) .... safe to say that is is autumnal here today and as i type this from a warm and cosy spot on my living room sofa I can see all the leaves on the trees... green, yellow, orange, some even red... beautiful! But dreich!!

I have been sewing up a storm all day, working on the Christmas bunting. I like to do it in stages ... first cut out all the pennant fronts, then the backs, then pin, then sew then all, then make the bias binding, then sew up the bunting ... I prefer to do it all this way as it means less stopping and starting.. although some of the stages are a tad zzzzzz .. yesterday I cut out over 200 triangles!! But it is all starting to come together and look beautiful. Orders keep flooding in and I am so glad that I started now.

Daddy picked Ethan up from school, so I didn't even have to leave the house, popping in for monkey and a change out of uniform. He is coming back post Dr Who tomorrow as Daddy has another run.. so we will get to spend another Sunday together. I can't wait. Think we will head along to St Andrews with friends, explore the beach, make use of our very neglected Historic Scotland passes and have tea in Pizza Express!

Tonight I am going to chill, eat lovely food, catch up on my Sky+ and have a wee glass of wine. Got a customer coming round in the morning to look at fabric samples for an order, then it will be back to the sewing...hohoho!

Right, I have the school uniform to iron (yes it is washed and dried already!!)
Em xx

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