Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Windy Wednesday

... I really shouldn't of bothered doing my hair this morn, as I looked like a banshee by the time we had been blown up the road to class ... ach well.. I shall just call it my 'autumnal look'! Despite yesterday being v wintery, today is actually nice and sunny, albeit V windy.

Joshua has just fallen asleep on the sofa, I will let him nap for 20 mins or so.. while I do some blogging and sort through my recent photobox delivery. As well as more photos, I also got a beautiful photo-book, that i made using some (i have over 700!!) photos from Florida! It is lovely, a real coffee table book and i am definitely going to be making more of these as it is a great way to preserve and present the memories!!

That is me finished teaching for the week, although I still have some design work and some sewing bits to do. I have also been commissioned to make 200 invites, so need to get cracking on that... but just now i am enjoying sitting here and enjoying the sunshine...It is bound to turn colder soon, so tomorrow I am off to our new and improved M&S to stock up my autumnal wardrobe as they have some gorgeous dresses and knitwear in .. and I do so love Markies :-)
I am also looking forward to Friday, my first day of all-to-myself peace for over a week! Much needed, and then on Friday evening Ethan and I will have one of our 'family-date-nights'... we try and do these every Friday that he isn't going to his dads... Basically at suppertime, so when he has had tea, is bathed and in pjs.. we prepare a wee feast and some cocktails (me, wine. Him a made up concoction of freshly squeezed juice and ice) and snuggle under a quilt and watch something like Miranda or Outnumbered, which are our 'family' favourite comedy sitcoms!

Love these daft wee traditions!
Right .. need to wake my little monkey

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