Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday snuggles

Afternoon everyone

I write this from my sofa, snuggling next to Ethan while we (well mostly he) watch Alvin and the Chipmunk's (the squeekquel)... it has been really nice to have this sneaky little extra day with him, as we have been really busy and had Joshua all last week.
So sometimes it is just lovely to have some one on one time with my boy. Daddy was running the great Scottish run today, so E came home post-Dr who (how scary was that!!?) last night and we have very much made the most of today!

We had snuggles this morn and then went down to the park to blow the cobwebs away, obviously since it is nearly autumn, the sun is out in full force today and it is lovely and sunny with clear blue skies! Then we came home and got creative. Part of his homework (and he has LOTS .. writing exercises, word wall, reading, maths, spelling test) was for their medicine project, to create a magical medicine. Design something and create a 3d model and write up some information on it. Obviously Daddy and I both do homework with Ethan (although Daddy to be honest does more than me as homework is from Friday to Tuesday, so it falls on his days!) but whenever there is a creative element this is strictly my job! So today we created 2 magical medicines .. Mr Muscle (which makes you strong) and Army (a medicine which helps you to grow extra arms!)... this kind of exercise is great fun, Ethan has an incredible imagination and he is extremely creative (wonder where he gets that from?!) so it was lovely to work with him....we are currently waiting on some glitter drying and then we are going to adorn some buttons with hot glue!

Then we did the regular Sunday packed lunch bake off (he actually prefers to take in my baking to things like kitkats, bless!), made some chicken soup, pear and apple crumble and some scones... i did all the boring bits like ironing. Tended to our tomato, chili and herb garden (blooming and fruitful are two words that come to mind!!). We read some of our Roald Dahl books and now we are having a much needed chill.

We get Joshua again tomorrow, until Thursday so another busy week. But I finished off and delivered an order yesterday. So that takes some of the pressure off.. which means hopefully it wont be so frantic and I can (fingers crossed) get some scrapping done. I need to catch up on Document 2011 and LSNED ... am also waiting on my Studio Calico kit, this months looks lovely so can't wait to get to grips with it...

Right, I need to get off here and get back to some boy cuddles.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
em x

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Michelle said...

Gr8 pics! The banners look cool {aswell as ur brill ironing board cover} lol looking forward to seeing ur LSNED :)