Friday, 4 November 2011

314 days ......

until we are back in Florida ... I moved our holiday forward from October to September, but at £300-400 saving on flights it just had to be done.. I am naughty and will be taking Ethan out of school. But he is still young, and this years holiday was last academic year and next years will be next academic year ... so just have to make sure he has minimal days off this year!! I also bought our flights yesterday ... ok, so i was a little (well a LOT) sick in my mouth when i read out my debit card details, I can tell you ... but at least that is everything booked now!!! I am planning all our dining options (we are staying onsite in Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, and Disney were offering free dining!!) .. so it gives us a rough plan for our days .. I have between now and 18th March to finalise this, then I can book all our ADRs (Advanced Dining Requests) .. planning a Disney trip can quickly become addictive... I have read 3 guidebooks and am on the DIBB daily!!! So exciting!! Plus I think Deb, Geoff and Joshua want to go back the following year, kind of think the wish they were coming next year now :-(( so looks like we will be going in 2013 too!!! Bonus... (travelling with my sis = mega cheap virgin flights and an upgrade :-)

I have also pretty much finished my Christmas shopping... bought all the wrapping elements yesterday too. Need to get organised as I have 5 craft fairs so far, so need to spend that time getting organised, whilst still allowing time to enjoy the festivities!!

I am currently chilling with my coffee, before i head up to school for the walking club... the sun is streaming in and making it glaringly obvious that i need to clean my windows .. oh and it sounds like one of the cats has been sick .. o the glamorous life i lead, lol!!!

Enjoy your Friday everyone!!

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