Friday, 3 February 2012


this week my mind has mostly been on Disney and Florida.....

and more planning..

I go through waves of being swept up in planning when something new occurs, or a milestone is reached. This week I pre-orderd my Photopass and I think finally whittled down my list of ADRs (get to book them on 18th March)... decided to definitely to MNSSHP (Halloween event in Magic Kingdom) and currently pondering over what to dress up as. Lots of friends helped pitch in with ideas, but my current favourite is to go as Snow and Ethan as one of the dwarfs! So we have been reading lots of trip reports and watching lots of videos to get us in the mood ... so excited!

But I have also been busy with work, had some nice orders in for baby items in the past few weeks and am currently working on some tag blankies and dribble bibs and after showing photos on facebook I now have quite a few orders for changing mats. I do have a website, but i am so rubbish at remembering to update it, and with the immediacy of Facebook/iphone, my BuzyMums facebook page is much more up to date ... really need to get my finger out and sort the website!!

I also had the twins yesterday, such sweet wee boys. Loads of fun and they are so well behaved! I have Joshua all next week, which E and I are really looking forward to. This will be the first time I try to get them to sleep in the same room.. Joshua's bed now has much more space, since I redecorated Ethan's room and moved everything around ... so fingers crossed!

Anyway, I need to get ready for the walking club!
Will be back to post some more photos soon!
em xx

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