Thursday, 9 February 2012


just a quick fly-by post as i don't want to leave it too long and lose momentum ... lol. But this week has been great...

We have had Joshua all week and he is just a darling, Ethan and Joshua really are the loves of my life. It is hard work sometimes, I get tired, can get grumpy .. but the games they play, the funny things they say, the love i have for them just makes my life so perfect! So this week has mostly been about being a 'mummy/aunty' .. ie cooking, playing, ironing, cuddles, rolling around on the floor, snuggles.. bliss!

This week my good friend Hils also got us tickets to see Madonna in July .. OMG I am beyond excited... I have been a huge Madonna fan since I was about 8, so you are talking.. cough, nearly 29 years!!! Love her, she was a great role model growing up. I think every young girl needs a strong, independent, outspoken, liberated, creative and driven woman as a role model.. and she was mine. So July 21st, I can not wait!!!

i also did some more Florida prep, obv. Ordered my Fairfax card and loaded it with my first LOT of $ ... mucho excitement .... I did some holiday shopping at Boden (well, you need to take advantage of the sales) and picked out some essential bits at Old navy (I have a massive soft spot for ON, saddo!)...

I also remembered today that my Studio Calico kit should be coming this week. I stopped my sub in Sept as I never get much of a chance to scrap over the summer with holidays and school being off and then no chance in the run up to Christmas with all the orders. But when my mojo came back in January I signed back up to subscribe again as their kits are amazinga nd it is worth it even for the shop, lol! I had a BIG splurge with this kit, and an add on and lots of extra from the shop .. lots of new bits and bobs.. so that is great.. hopefully it should come tomorrow or sat!

I also have some other lovely. amazing news... but i am not ready to share it just yet ... but it is MEGA exciting....

anyway, off to chill with a glass of vino and some downloads. Up bright and early for nursery and school run, walking club then my lovely friend is coming round with her two munchkins.. so much cuddles and hopefully a bottle feed and nappy change or two..

back soon. to share news :-)))
em xx

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