Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

I hope you are all enjoying this sunny Sunday and not stuffing your faces with too much chocolate...? I have none, through choice as I am trying to be good and eat well in anticipation for our holiday ... 7 weeks today we will be on plane to Florida!! So I bought our suncream, some more holiday clothes this week, most importantly I bought our PARK TICKETS!!! Mega excited, is beyond words. Spent a good part of yesterday researching the parks, the rides... just sort of working out some kind of plan ... as I am all about plans! I have a new guide book, and subscribed to the website, which also gives you an iphone app with crowd size etc ... how fab is that!!? Deb, Joshy, Ethan and I are off to Edinburgh tomorrow to have a mooch around and do some more holiday shopping .... yay!

So it has been a lovely week, the pressure of work was lifted as I completed 4 big orders, just have a cushion, and a couple of Tee's to do, so was able to get stuck into my SC kit. I am so back in love with scrapping, I think that because I have so much (good stuff) going on, scrapping is my way to relax and do something just for me... and I am loving it, I am especially loving Studio Calico. The kits are awesome, such a great mix of papers and embellies... really inspiring!

We are back off up to Nanny's on Thursday after school, as E has Friday and Monday off school. My Nanny is also a lover of the Royal Family, so decided to spend it up there, we will watch, admire, clap and hopefully have a tea party in the garden! Also plan to do the last of my holiday shopping when I am there as the shops in Inverness are fab (Nanny doesn't live in Inverness, a small village near there!).

So that is my week ahead; I will leave you with a selection of pics from my week. I am loving Instagram for this, as without really meaning to, it compiles a great wee snapshot! Perfect for Document 2011!!

Okay my lovelies
speak soon
em xx

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Michelle said...

I wish I was going to Florida in 7wks! Were all Disney mad here!
U've been so busy! Loving ur pics! I cant wait to see what u do with ur SC kits! I love mine too but I've had no time to play yet!