Saturday, 2 April 2011

Lie-in FAIL!!!

Morning... So this morning I was minus 2 little boys and you would think I would enjoy a lie-in, but no, my stupid body-clock decided to wake me at 7.30!! Hey ho, on with the day... We had Joshua all last week, and i know I say this all the time, but he is a wee cracker... so funny, with the funniest hysterical laugh.. esp when you tickle his knees, lol.. He is a right little chatter box, and it is great to be able to have proper two-way conversations with him. The way he pronounces some words makes me chuckle.. love it.. esp Clock, which he pronounces without the L!! So it is now the school holidays up here. Ethan is away with Daddy until Sunday and then we are off to Nanny's on Monday for a much needed week off.. not that it will be very restful, but it will be great fun, we love going to spend time with Nanny. Plus there are great shops up there so I will get Ethan's Spring wardrobe sorted. It is Mothers Day this Sunday, Ethan made a card at school... which is beautiful. He gave it to me yesterday, as I wont be with him on Mothers Day morning, and he said he will give me my present when he gets home ... cutie. He wrote the loveliest message inside the card, made me cry. LOVE my boy so much xx: "you give me hugs when i feel sad, you make me laugh when i feel sad, you tuck me in when bedtime comes, I'm really glad that you are my mum" Right... better get on, have a commission of 150 invites for a 40th Birthday to finish!! Enjoy your weekend. em xx

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