Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring fever ...

Another glorious day ... yesterday was lovely too, although had a nip in the air. Today I have no tights on and my pasty wee legs are loving it... I am trying to be v good, food wise .. as it suddenly dawned me that in 8 weeks we will be flying to Florida and that means in 8 weeks I will be sitting around the pool at our villa, in a BIKINI!! So need to 'try' and be good .... but for every good step I take ... a cupcake accidentally falls into my mouth!! I have been doing so much research on park tickets... was my only job as Debbie has already organised and booked out BA tickets to London, airport hotel, Virgin (obvs) flights to Florida, our Villa, 2 car hire (we need to cars with 11 of us, a people carrier and a run-around!) and our flights home to not that I want to spend my entire 14 days at the parks, I would like a couple of days at Disney, a water park, universal and islands of adventure (and HP world!!) ... the most cost effective way was to get 14 day unlimited passes... this is only going to be about £150 more than passes for a couple of days at each, bought in the US and it gives me (.... and Ethan) the option to go more. But the park tickets are prob the single most expensive element of the holiday, costing £560 for me and Ethan .but it will be worth it!! The good thing about going in a big group, and one that includes my brother, sister in law, Joshua and Debbie's mum and dad.. is that there will always be someone wanting to go/do different things, so even if I don't go everyday... Ethan can have his full!! So I am buying the Park tickets this week. Ethan's new passport came through this week, super quick service... think it only 5 days to process! I have also been buying holiday clothes and toiletries and also thanks to a special discount code at Cath Kidston I am waiting on delivery of a pretty new travel document holder, passport cover and luggage tag! Getting into the holiday spirit now .... just need to stop eating lol... Also been working on lots of orders, my poor sewing machine doesn't know whats hit it .... but she is holding up well! Right it is a lovely sunny day... all the windows are open and the sun is streaming in, so I am going to play with April's Studio Calico kit that arrived on Friday... finally! Enjoy your sunny Sunday peeps. em xx

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