Saturday, 14 May 2011

Official countdown ....

I have realised that I mostly seem to post on a Saturday or Sunday ... must be because I usually have a bit more-non little boy demanding - free time, to sit and chill with the laptop in bed while I drink my coffee!!

Anyway ... the official countdown is here ... 4 weeks today we will be flying down to London, staying overnight/dinner then flying out to Florida on the Sunday ... I think 4 weeks is an acceptable amount of time to start the 'official' countdown. Hehe!

I am pretty much organised. All toiletries bought (except Palmer's cocoa butter as i couldn't get the one i wanted in Tesco or Boots), Visas sorted, all clothes bought. I have been very careful with selecting my holiday wardrobe this year. Not for baggage reasons as flying with Virgin, and because we will be upgraded I know weight wont be an issue. But I just wanted to streamline it, and make it more of a 'capsule' wardrobe. So that everything could kind of go with everything. So it has ended up with a real nautical theme. Lots of red, white and blue and stripes, lots of belts. Also got some gorg new sandals (in fact I love them so much got them in 2 colours), and a couple of pairs of wedges. Bought a new pair of my Cath K pumps as last years were worn to death and so comfy, and obvs need my CK flip-flops for chilling by the villa pool. Lots of maxi dresses, these are my new favourite thing to wear. I am still taking some of my favourite flowery dresses, as well as some new additions! But the main thing is i know what to pack!!

My holiday reading is sorted, 3 new books were delivered this week (The Postmistress, Whatever You Love and Every Last One) and I am also taking the Kindle, which will be great for reading by the pool! (I keep a huge reading list on my iphone and every now and then i buy 3 or 4 off the list as well as adding 3 or 4 to the list, so as you can imagine it is v long! I have always been a 'reader', i love books. Thankfully Ethan has inherited that passion and is currently in the top reading set in his class. It really does bring a tear to my eye seeing him read!). The Park tickets have bought and delivered, also bought our lanyards and everything is in my gorg CK travel wallet/passport cover/luggage tags, haha CK overload ... NEVER!

Beauty treatments underway...when have I been known not to love a BIT of pampering, haha! So it has been body scrubs, massages, facials and paraffin wax galore. Thankfully I know an amazing beauty therapist who has tailored a beauty holiday plan.. lots of chilling out. Apart from the foradic on my tum muscles ... ouch! Then saving the worst bit until the day before we leave ... waxing ... OUCH! As for the bikini diet, haha well ... sort of. I also bought a gorgeous 1950s inspired swimsuit from Frost French. This is predominantly so I don't accidentally flash people at the water parks...but it is stunning on. As a 'curvy' girl (I have 32G boobies), i was a bit apprehensive about strapless, but this suit is amazing on and it also comes with halterneck straps if you so wish.... so i have a feeling that I may be lounging around the pool in this too!

I have been doing a lot of scrapping and sewing too - mojo is certainly back in the house. My Studio Calico kit came this week, think this is my favourite so far. Although I was looking at the sneaks of the next kit this morning and I LOVE them and want at least 2 of the add-on kits, hahah!!

So all in all everything is good here. Lots of fun and games with the boys, catching up with friends and lots of chilling! Also had quite a bit of work to do for the Parent Council, we are organising a family quiz night, running a maths workshop and also I am writing a questionnaire for the entire parent/faculty... so quite a bit to do. But it is all for a good cause, and hopefully will continue to make Ethan have a positive school experience!

Right, I had better get up. My bro and sis (in law) are having a party tonight ... so I have an outfit to plan and nails to paint as well as my SC kit to play with!

Oh and I am totally addicted to this!

Enjoy your weekend.


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