Sunday, 22 May 2011

PPP ... preparation, plans and packing

Three weeks today we will be in the air, 35 mins into our 9 hour flight (we leave at 11am GMT) ... I am so, so looking forward to this holiday for many reasons. I love flying, love plane food, love the weeny wine bottles, or cans of tray tables, love the excitement, buying make up, snuggling into Ethan! Not too sure about 9 hours though, the longest I have flown is 10 hours when we went to Greneda, think the Dom Rep was 9 too. But I did both of those without children... I am sure we will all be fine. Ethan did a 12 hour flight with Daddy last year, so at least he is prepared... we are all a little concerned with how Joshua will fare. But with us all there to occupy him, plenty of snacks and new toys, I am sure he will be fine!

Did some more holiday shopping this week... dam Debenhams for having a 25% off sale and dam M&S for having some gorgeous boys clothes .... but got new make up, a lovely outfit for Ethan to fly in and at the last minute decided I needed new luggage. My current suitcases were a bit battered after 11 years traveling the world and the stop-gap suitcase I bought has done 2 trips to Greece so was also looking a bit battered and not at all befitting! Debbie and Geoff have also bought new luggage and D mentioned that Debenhams had some amazing deals... luggage reduced from £140 to £40. So after some deliberations, estimating sizes with my tape measure and looking at LOTS of different combinations I decided on this;

with 11 of us travelling space for luggage is going to be an issue, despite us hiring a mini van and a run-around Jeep. So I thought a hold-all type bag would be less structured. It is nice and girly and also has wheels, for dashing through the airport. Ethan already has a kids suitcase, which I think I will bring too and pack with our overnight/London stuff so I don't need to rummage around in the big bag and disturb my packing!

I am really enjoying working out all these little details, like co-ordinating our flight outfits... lol sad.. I would say 'compliment' rather that co-ordinate... think nautical; navy, white and red. My last mission is to find some new PJs, having decided that I NEED new ones for evening-poolside-lounging at the villa! Am going to do some Internet shopping this afternoon as I am running out of time for 'real life', lol. They need to be comfy, but modest (my brother and Debbie's dad do not need me flashing!), but also lightweight...this should tide me over until I can start packing!!

Getting Ethan and Joshua later on, a busy week of school activities and a parent council event event. A couple of playdates with friends and am also getting my eyebrows 'threaded' for the first time....! Also have to finish off some admin work for the parent council and work on stock for the craft fair in 2 weeks. Yikes, what the heck am I still doing on here?!

See ya soon
em xx

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