Thursday, 15 November 2012

Most improved ...

a week between posts .. that's better!

Where does the time go, another week gone already... Christmas is glinting in the distance. I am hoping I will be able to enjoy more of the build up this year, without being so swamped with work.

Work is good, work is fantastic and as I am self employed work is what i need.. but something has to give so that i can have a balance between making a living and enjoying life. So this year I made a decision not to do any craft fairs. Fortunetly I am now getting enough business in without having to do craft fairs (which to be honest are so hit or miss). They are great when you start out, great for connecting with your 'audience', seeing what works. But I have had enough of sitting all day in a cold hall when i could be at home finishing off orders! I wasn't going to do any this Christmas, but I am organising the schools christmas fair and was asked to have a table (i had one last time, and aparently i have fans! hehe), and then my friend who owns a couple of nurseries in my town is having one on a saturday afternoon and asked me to come along that is all I am doing. Hopefully that will help a bit, I already have plenty of orders to keep me going, I can't wait to get all my christmas decor up and dig out the christmas china.

This week has involved parties, baking, sewing, RECORDER practice (!!!!), painting, SCRAPBOOKING (!!), digging, printing and always, cuddles!

Here are a few photos;

Right, need to move it
Em x

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