Friday, 23 November 2012

a heartwarming success

This week has been about celebrating success...

I have been the Secretary of Ethan's Parent Council for his entire time at school - 4 years - in fact I was elected at Nursery inductions, before he had even started at the school. I LOVE it, I love being involved, and getting to know what is going on, getting to know the teachers, being on first name terms. But mostly I love that it makes for a really positive school experience for Ethan and I and I love that I am supporting our little school. I am so proud of our little school - don't get me wrong, we have some terrors - but in the main, loads of great, inspiring kids. This week was D Day, our Family Christmas Fair, and to say it was a success is an understatement... it was overwhelming. We did a quick count at the end of the night; and huddled in the grotto, high on Christmas spirit and sense of accomplishment, the teachers and key council members discovered we had raised nearly £1500, in one night! Awesome, I still get quite emotional when I thing of it... that is why I do it, why I give up (LOTS) of my own time, why I care. For our school, for our kids... an amazing feeling!

As I said in a previous post, I had a stall at the event. At one point I had to leave the Head manning my stall while I had to do some events organiser duties, but after that I never left the gym (where the stalls were), it was so busy I never got a chance to leave to room, to eat cake, visit Santa, drink wine or nibble.. it was mobbed. I took in lots of orders, dooh ... there was me saying my book was closed! Ethan kept running back and forth, asking for 'just 2 more £'s' .. he would bring me back things he had bought, the odd cup of juice.. but he had fun!

Yesterday I continued my feeling of joy buy making a massive dent in my Christmas shopping.. I was getting 'the fear'. I normally have it all done by end of October, but with Florida, the birth of Harper, Paris.. I hadn't done as much and kept walking with fear!!! But I have wrapped, shopped and have a list that'll get finished off in Edinburgh next week. So I am happy and calm now! Phew...

Right I had better shift it, I have gardening club up at school at 11... no rest for the wicked!

Have a great weekend everyone

Em x

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