Thursday, 8 November 2012

what?? doesn't everyone take 5 months between posts??

oh so I sort of forgot my blog ... ermmmm sorry! you know when you just stop doing something and you get out of the habit.. out of practice...Well I try to promise and exercise my blogging muscle more often!

So since July I have been as busy as always. I had a really successful growing season at my allotment. So much so that I am in the process of moving over to a full plot 18x9 meters of glorious land. this new plot is at the far end of the site, so sheltered by the wall (of the walled garden) and the willow garden.. I was down there recently and it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, just me and the birds tweeting.. the new plot will give me so much more space. More space to really plan my fruit cage, giving everything the space it needs. I will also be able to grow more, more of the things we use regularly.. as well as more new crops.

I recently took on the running of the school Gardening club (the school have one of the community beds down at the allotment), so it means I have the use of the poly tunnel. I have brought aubergine, chilli, pepper seeds, the kind of plants that need a little more warmth.. fingers crossed!

We also had our solo trip to Florida.. it was nothing less than spectacular. Who can't help but fall for the magic of Disney.. we are counting down to next year’s trip!

My nephew Joshua turned 4 and more importantly he became a big brother to his beautiful little sister Harper... after 20 years waiting for a girl to be born into the family we are overjoyed! She is a blessed little thing, and she has dimples... mega cute!

Last weekend I went on a trip to Paris... I have never laughed so much in my life. Literally pant wetting, unable to breathe, tears streaming down face type of hysterical laughter ... such fun!

Work has been full on, but so appreciated. After 4 years teaching the classes just tick on by, but the craft side of the business has taken off big style... Christmas has always been my busy period (this is my 3rd Christmas trading), but this year has been as busy as a 'Christmas' ... hence why some things i.e. blogging and scrapping took a back burner. I also took a pause in my OU studies after passing the 1st year equivalent.. I will get back to it .. maybe when there are more than 24 hours in a day!

So, things are good .. life is good .. as always I take pleasure from the simple things and right now I have a 4 year old wanting to go for a walk (we are having our 'date' today!) .. so I will go. But I do promise to try and come back soon...

Em xx

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