Sunday, 15 January 2012

Going HOME!

well, survived my first week back...! I know, I have a cheek ... my job is a joy, a pleasure, fun and I am very fortunate... but after 3 weeks off, mostly spent in my PJs... it was a shock to the system!!

I finally finished Ethan's bedroom, and it looks amazing...I spent all day in there on Friday, 'dressing' it and listening to his Disney CDs ... even now, I keep going back in to look at it. LOVE it. I got him a big desk and legs from ikea so he has a lovely space to create, got him a bygel rail and some hanging pots for all his pens and lots of storage.. so hopefully he will stop nicking mine :-) His new curtains (made my me, obvs!!) and paint colour make a real difference, brightening the room and making it feel much warmer ... love the colour yellow, is my fav and best!

Spent the day in Edinburgh yesterday, wandering around old haunts and feeling nostalgic and formulating a plan for moving back ....... Edinburgh is a beautiful city. Bursting with beautiful buildings, bustling with people, bright with ideas and opportunities and always feels very much like going HOME... Stockbridge is a special place and there are so many fab little places to stop and indulge. It really has the feel of a small village... loved being back, exploring, remembering, planning...

But until the day I can go HOME I will have to make regular visits.. to sooth my soul... in fact I am going today!! ha .. I had better get up and get with it!

Here are some photos from my week;

Lotta getting snuggles

Finally getting my mojo back!

Being back at work ... lots of paint... it was a messy class!

On the train...

Skittles tongue!

Beautiful vintage artwork i bought whilst exploring all the nooks and crannies in Edinburgh!


My beautiful boy ... LOVE!


Lunch ... it MUST of been Tuesday!

Us again... my boy and me.. forever and always xx (ps.. you will see ethan's fringe, this is it finally growing in from where he cut it himself in august!!!! He has had rest of hair cut in meantime ... lol!)

Right.. better get up and at 'em


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