Monday, 9 January 2012

purging ...

I am currently mid way through an overhaul of the house ... you know that point when stuff is everywhere, the 'eye of the storm'. Moving from one room to another, 'staging' areas... while you try to get everything sorted. Am gutting wardrobes, cupboards, airing cupboard. Finally getting rid of all Ethan's baby (*sobbbbb) clothes, sorting through towels and clothes. Added to this I am also in the middle of decorating Ethan's bedroom, but I ran out of paint, and am waiting until school goes back tomorrow to finish it off .

BUT i see light at the end of the tunnel. I am off to ikea on Wednesday for (meatballs) storage, a play table and a new tv unit for my new living room tv when it comes. A load of baby clothes were picked up this morning and I have arranged for a charity pick up for the rest ... so fingers crossed, this time next week everything should be pristine, ordered and organised and calm will be restored ....

ahhhhh and relax!


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