Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Phew ....

Well that is all the cards for my friends and family made, written and addressed! I have another load to make for Ethan's nursery and my neighbours, but I will just run them up quickly with some cheaty toppers I got form work and a bit of matting and layering. I have been working on these ones since Saturday night .. I have cut 72 felt Christmas trees, sewn 24 sequins, 72 pearls and 48 beads... was a total production line and I may have gone a tiny bit blind as a result, but I am v happy with the end cards. I will take some pics tomorrow when the light is better.

I will also take some of the tree (a 7ft beauty!!) and my Martha Stewart-Esq home decor .... am into green gingham ribbon in a big way! Ethan and I made gingerbread men to hang on the tree yesterday so the living room has a wonderful gingerbread and pine needle aroma... so festive, I love it!! Was very funny as we had Rachel and Logan around for dinner last night, and after they left I found lots of maimed gingerbread men ... who were obviously a casualty of Logan's nibbling!!

I need to put the finishing touches to my next SA submission, as I want to get it posted off asap to avoid and Christmas madness. I also need to do some baking tomorrow as Hils and Stru are coming for tea .... so need to keep my favourite blond curly imp sweet!!

Ethan hasn't been very well this week, he was off nursery on Monday and Tuesday with a cold, but has perked up a bit now. He also got 2 birthday party invites today, one of them is a trip to the Singing Kettle, so he is very excited!

I can't quite believe how quickly Christmas has come around, but at least I am organised, just need to do my wrapping (I have lots of lovely gold organza ... see I am just like Martha, hee hee!!). We had our annual visit to see Father Christmas in Jenners and a jaunt round the Winter Wonderland in Princes Street last week, and also Kerry and I enjoyed our annual mulled wine in the German Market .... mmmm I love mulled wine!

Anyway .. I am off to watch a bit of Dexter ,,, it is the penultimate episode ... then to bed as have a busy day tomorrow, I need to do some baby business stuff before our visitors arrive.

So good night. Will try to remember the photos tomorrow!!
Em xx

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Katy said...

well well misses you are organised, better than me tee hee.

Cant wait to see some pics of your tree sounds lush.

Hope e is feeling better, but i think he has sent his cold down the laptop to me bless him :)

Love Katy xxxx