Sunday, 28 December 2008

Yum, yum, yum!

Eating nibbles, watching Lipstick Jungle and stash shopping ... what more could a girl ask for??!!

Well, I am trying my best to work my way through all this yummy food (i am not sure how much longer my size 10's will fit me, lol!) and am so loving Lipstick Jungle, thank god for downloads, as everything else has stopped until January, so I am now working my way through season 2! I just took the quiz and I am Wendy, really wanted to be Nico (well she is Greek!!), but glad I am not Victory as I find her a bit annoying, although she does have a hot boyfriend, lol!

One of my lovely Christmas pressies was a sewing machine, finally, so have been tinkering with that tonight as well as taking advantage of the many stash shops with sales .... so far I have orders with angel crafts and bellaboo (unless you can think of any others Katy, ha ha!!). I haven't bought any stash in months, so am having a major blow-out, since i defo deserve it!!

Ethan and I have also had great fun today playing the Wii, we are a great team and are ripping through Mario! I have just ordered Wii Fit as I think I am going to need it after all this over indulgence (Did I also mention I am going out tomorrow night and out for dinner again on Tuesday, oh dear!!).

Anyway, I am off to add more to my cart! Hope you all all continuing to enjoy the festive season!
Em x

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Katy said...

well, im now doing angel crafts and bellaboo teehee but i shall let you no when i spot more bargains hun.

And i totally agree there is naff all on the box till jan now.

Katy xx