Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Scary dreams

what do they mean ....? I had a really bad dream last night about one of my best friends Grainia, I totally woke up crying and had to text her to make sure she was ok ... v odd!

E is now away with his dad down to London to visit his grandparents, so I have a few days peace, although I am really missing my little Wii companion! So I did two hefty orders with Angel Crafts and Bellaboo to compensate, ha ha!! I also have more family activities going on today as my uncle is up, and then we are all off out to dinner tonight, so that should help me take my mind of missing my boy!

I really should be working on the baby stuff, as my first class is in a WEEK!!!!!! Yikes!!


1 comment:

Katy said...

wooohoooo loads of stash on the way now thats my girl hahahah im waiting on my order from bellaboo cant wait :)

Have fun with your family hun xx