Sunday, 28 December 2008

Simply the best!

Wow, wow, wow!

What a brilliant, lovely, cool Christmas we had. My sister in law, Debbie picked Ethan and I up on Christmas Eve, it was great to see a a happy smiling Joshua, looking very festive in his little red outfit. My brother had been called back off-shore the week before, so I knew that we would not be spending the day with him. I was a little sad that he wouldn't be there for Joshua's first Christmas, but at least he would be too little to remember. So we get to their house, and I am cooing over my gorgeous little nephew and in walks my brother!!!!!! He arrived back on Monday and my entire family had kept it a secret from me, what a lovely surprise, I burst into tears!!! So that was the best Christmas present ever, to have us all together was brilliant!

So we got the little ones to bed, Ethan in his new PJ's (i have a little tradition that he gets one Christmas present on Christmas eve, new jammies, so that he looks all smart for photos in the mornings, ha ha!!) and Deb and I got busy in the kitchen, making profiteroles and trifle... yum.
Quite surprisingly, Ethan didn't wake up until 8.30 on Christmas morning, so we all had a lie in, lol! Then it was presents galore .... Father Christmas was very good to Ethan .... he must of been very well behaved all year! Debbie and Geoff gave him a Wii, so he was particularly taken with that (as am I, my arms are aching from the boxing, lol!). After our yummy meal .... oft, sooooo much food, all the rest of the family and friends came up. We played Buzz and singstar, hilarious, (I have lots of it on video .... mmmwwwhhhaaaaarrrr), it was lovely for us all to be together! One of my favourite bits was seeing Logan (dressed in the Sporticus outfit that E and I gave him for Christmas) doing press-ups and star jumps, hee hee, if you have never seen a 3 year old doing a press-up, then you should, so so funny! We have been chilling out the last few days, and enjoying family time. We were over in Edinburgh yesterday and out for dinner. We had Nanny to stay last night, Ethan tried to get her on the Wii, hee hee!

Not sure what we are up to today, but it is bound to be lots of fun. One thing my family do well is Christmas, chilling out and spending time together (and eating and drinking!!) is always so much fun. There was talk of a walk through Falkland wood today, so I had better get my boots out! My uncle and little cousin arrive tomorrow, he is 5 and more energetic than Ethan , if that were possible, so i had better fit a little recharge in somewhere!!

Right, I am off to make pancakes for breakfast, well it would be rude not to entertain my house guest!!
Enjoy your day everyone
em xx

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Katy said...

Awwwww loving all the pics hun, looks like you had a fab christmas with family.

I enjoyed our first christmas with Brooklyn it was amazing.

Happy New Year hun

Much love Katy xxxx