Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sun, sun, sun, FINALLY

Morning all,

As I sit writing this the sun is streaming in through my window... finally the snow has gone, finally we might start to get some hint of spring starting to peek through... I am desperate to see green! (However it is also highlighting that I need to get out with my ladder and squeegee and clean them!)

So I am very VERY proud of myself.. yesterday I FINALLY got around to attacking the dreaded hall cupboard. I took everything out and dumped it in the living room floor, put in all the storage and slowly started sorting through and reorganising. So after 5 hours (YES 5 HOURS!).. it was all finished and looking beautiful. Shelves, drawers and baskets for everything, all within reach and clearly labeled (I LOVE my label maker, love, love it!). During the clear out I found all Ethan's baby boxes, first shoes, drawings, his baby book, all the cards etc ... was lovely to have a wee reminisce and think about my baby!

Speaking of my boy, his dad and I finally told him yesterday that he is going to Florida in 3 weeks, he is very excited. They will have an amazing time, and as sad as I am that I will miss seeing his excitement and joy and pleased that they will have the experience and the memories to share. (Plus I will give them a list of things to buy!).

So, what should I do today... I might go for a wee run as it isn't long until I have my first 5k run of the year, so need to get back into my training now that the snow and ice has gone. But I have a stack of fabric I would like to dive into .... choices, choices!!!

Kim and I went to Ikea on Friday, hilarious...! So much fun, she is so like me in many ways and there is something about the familiarity of being with a friend you have known for sooo long, like an old shoe, lol! I have known Kim for 22 years, and been through it all with her. In some ways I don't feel at all old or grown up, but then the reality is we will be 40 in 5 years time ... how did that happen .... SHOCKING! BUT the highlight is Ikea fabric ..... who knew?! I spent a fortune, AND we are going back in 2 weeks .... HELP! 'My name is Emma and I am seriously addicted to buying is my new love'! So get compiling another list for me Katy, you know you want too, lol!

I have so many projects on the go at the moment, a quilt for me (using gorgeous Amy butler fabric) a quilt for Ethan (using 4 kinds of fabric I got at Ikea) and I am also going to make a quilt for Joshua. He will be moving into a bigger bedroom soon and then a bigger bed, I would love to make him a keepsake, something he can keep and have when he is all growed up (sob sob). Deb loved the idea, she had already been looking at quilts and fabric in Pottery Barn (she spends LOTS of time in NY with her job!), so jumped at my suggestion. We are currently researching fabric and old sentimental clothes of Joshua's to incorporate into the quilt. Apart from quilts, I also have kitchen curtains, table mats, pj bottoms and 5 cushions to make, as well as a pair of curtains to shorten for Deb.... better crack on and stop writing this, lol!

So, get out and enjoy this lovely sunny day!

em x

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Katy said...

wooohooo well done on going for your run, i did my exercise and was dieing in the process hehe but it was all good and i feel great, until tomorrow lol.

I bet the cupboard is looking fab, gotta love getting things organised and cleaned out, im so pleased i did my craft room now.

Il be writing my list for you, don't fear Katy is here ahahahahaha Ikea here you come!

Love Ya my bestest Katy xx