Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Year .....better blogging!?


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am fine and well, lol. We had an amazing Christmas and New Year, lots of fun, food and giggles. We also had family staying, and a dog to look after so that all left very little time for blogging! I received lots of lovely things for Christmas, snug, amazing, never off my feet Ugg slippers, lots of tantalizing powders and potions to luxuriate in, a godsend in my Tassimo coffee machine, which goes perfectly well with the liters and liters of Starbucks syrup direct from US (it is at times like this that I love the fact my SIL travels so much!), Yankee Candles you could literally eat mmmmm. Ethan was also a very, very lucky boy. He MUST of been good!!

But, 2010 is here and most importantly I am feeling much, much better. It is amazing how great feeling great can feel when you have been ill for a long time. So refreshing, so glad I have energy again, that I can enjoy food again, that I no longer randomly fall asleep, hee hee!

So life got back to normal this week; the schools went back and my new term of classes started back. Lots of familiar little faces, but also lots of new ones. That is one of the best things about my job, getting to see all these little babies grow up. Now I am running a different range of classes, as they get too big for one, they progress to the next. I also have a long list of projects (how unlike me, ha ha!). The first thing was my bedroom, which has always been the 'staging area' as I sort the rest of the house. But with the kitchen and bathroom now complete, the time came to spend some time and love on my boudoir. Yesterday I got a new bed (LOVE IT!!), bedside table and tv, and have spent today researching the rest of the bedroom furniture. Finally decided on a chest of drawers and taller chest for the tv to stand on. Typically one piece of furniture will take 28 days for delivery... grrrrrr!

I also have alot of sewing projects to do; feeling very inspired in the sewing department recently. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am a fan of anything homemade; food, decor, craft, cards, furnishings... If I can make it, then I will. Quite interestingly, this seems to be very 'in vogue' at the moment and quite frankly, watching Kirstie and Nigella recently, they totally copied all my ideas, ha ha (well I am obviously in great company!!). My bestest Katy and I are always drooling over some fabric or another, people may think we are sad, but our homes are glorious as a result! I recently discovered some amazing Amy Butler fabric in one of my favourite shops during a trip to Edinburgh, so stocking up mmmwwwaaaahhhhaaa!!

Here are a selection of photos from the holidays (excuse the quality, my camera was soaked on coffee recently and need a new one, these were taken on my iPhone!);
I am off to watch Come Dine with me and compare wadding versus batting, lol!
Em xx

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Katy said...

Well my love Happy New Year to you and Ethan :)I hope 2010 is everything you ever wished for, were going to rock this year with our creations and your so right I love sewing and fabric and I want so so much, I want to make another quilt so will be keeping my eyes open for what I want next, we deffo need some more Cath Kidston fabric for our addiction mmwwaaahhhh.

Your such a star and i love ya my bestest ever.

Much Love Katy xxxx