Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dr Dr

It's been a long time coming, lots of ideas been whittled down (nursing, midwifery, interior design, psychology, PGCE). But I can finally reveal that I'm studying again (well apart from continuous studying of BSL, and other training for my job)..... I'm going back to my routes with art and English.

I love being self employed, running my own business and the opportunities it's given me. But I really miss using my brain, putting the years of studying, my passion and using the experience I have into practice.

Running my own business is extremely rewarding but current developments have made me really consider the future and what I want out of it.....

So October sees me returning to education (whilst juggling motherhood, BuzyKids, Joshua, Parent Council, Scrapbooking etc etc etc ..... Phew!!) I'm so excited. I've bought all the books off my reading list and looking forward to eventually getting my Phd, just call me Dr Whyley!! hehe... (I'm also following in family traditions as my mum had 2 degrees and a post grad degree so finally I have a good role model!!).

I'm also in great company as ironically my bestest Katy is adding yet another string to her bow, I'm in awe! (She will be running her own design consultancy before we know it!!) Let's get stuck into our student discount!!

Dr W

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Katy said...

wooohooo Dr Whyley sounds just perfect to me my love :P We are going to have such a fab time, lots of giggles and plenty of coffee to help along the way.

Life had thrown some tough stuff at us both this year, but we will rock on as we are meant to and show the world what we are made of.

Love ya bestest Katy xxx