Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lovely Lotta

she has been named.. Ethan went along with my gently encouragement on the name (if you read Charlie and Lola you will get my theme!). So I would now like to proudly welcome Lotta to our family. She is a very sweet natured wee cat, although considering she is only 10 weeks old (born 12th June) she is v brave and hasn't hidden away at all, been busy exploring, playing, cuddling and sleeping.
I gave Ethan a hughe surprise and went to collect him from school with Lotta hidding in my Cath Kidston day bag (seriously!!).. to say we were a hit in the playground is an understatement!

Charlie and Lola have been looking at her and observing, we have had a few hisses, and attempted nose snuggles so I am sure they will be adopting her into their sibling clique fairly soon.

Her addition to our family has helped to take my mind of some recent news, news which I am trying not to dwell on as it is all still very uncertain and at the moment I have my life in the hands of something beyond my control. But I am praying that all will be well, for i dare not think otherwise!!

But to leave you on a positive note, here is some more Lotta pics;
Love and prayers
em xx


Sally said...

Lotta... such a fab name :O) and she looks so adorable... I hope that you find a good amswer to whatever is currently troubling you hun :O)

Take care
sally xxxxx

Katy said...

Lotta is such a cutie pie, and i told you she would be yours!

My prayers are all yours my love, and together we will do this ok.

love ya bestest Katy xx