Wednesday, 19 March 2008

cats, motorbikes and pot plants ...

have ruined my afternoon of peace ...

There I was sitting down to finish my LO (i wanted to get it done this afternoon as my aunty Marion and cousin Jody are coming round for tea so I won't get a chance tonight) when there was a loud bang outside form a motorbike backfiring ... it really made me jump. But not as much as it made Lola jump. She had been dozing on the windowsill in the sunshine, so she jumped about 3 foot into the air and came down on top of the tv. The problem is I have just watered the plants, and i had put one on top of the tv to keep out of Ethan's way until the water had absorbed (small child + muddy plant water = hand prints on walls!) . So obviously the plant falls down the back of the tv, I am scratched up my arm from trying to grab Lola and the plant back up and now my TV won't work (i tried to turn it on holding a wooden spoon so i didn't kill myself, lol!) ... oh yes and there is muddy stains allover my brand new carpet!

I have now calmed down (and phone Jay to rant), the insurance people are arranging for an engineer to come round and fix it, so I am just waiting for them to call. But given that it is Easter it will probably be next week before I get an appointment!!!! I am also not sure if i will have to pay the excess for it being repaired!!??


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