Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Something you should NEVER do ....

Is look in a magnified mirror .... ohh what a shock ... it was a horrid sight ... oh do I look that old??

I don't really wear make up, so hardly ever peer at my face closely, but i needed to do some eyebrow maintenance (there is Greek blood in my family to dark hair is a by product, lol!) and what a fright I got.

After a little 'oh i am so old, look at Ethan's lovely youthful skin' thoughts to myself, on went the superbalm concentrate, moisturiser and eye serum and then quickly drank my third of this mornings glasses of water. What else can I do?? Face lift, botox?? Maybe just not look in a magnified mirror, lol!!

But it has made determined to stick to this detox/'best life' thingy ... still no alcohol (I am not going to drink until i got out for my Cousin's birthday meal on 11th April), still no more than 2 cups of coffee, still been having at least 6 8oz glasses of water a day ... But the eating breakfast thing, I keep forgetting to do that (well since i ran out of Greek yogurt).

I think I need some sun, that will help!!! Hee hee!

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