Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The things kids say ...

Ethan is sooo funny - he cracks me up. I have my hair in pigtails today - and he asked me to take them out - he said he likes my hair down and that I looked like a girl, i said 'but i am a girl' and he said 'no, you are a Mummy'!!!
Then he was a bit too quiet in his bedroom, drawing on his easil, well i thought it was his easil .. it was actually his face... thank goodness it was just chalk, lol!

He is such a monkey!!

I am a bit anxious right now though, as I have to take him to the Dr after nursery for his Pre School Booster (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, whooping cough, Hib and MMR), it is not so much about the injection, as if he is good I said I would get him a Power Ranger (this craze came out of nowhere ... he has never had any before, so don't know how he even knows about them!!). It is more because last time he had his MMR (ok he was much younger) he got really ill and had a Temp of 41!! So I will be glad when this afternoon is over, but I am armed with the mighty Calpol, so fingers crossed he will be fine!!


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