Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ive been tagged ...

Jay tagged me the other day, so I have to think of 7 random things about me (will have to come back to that bit later, as need to think).

I also got Cleo's latest kit last week, and it is looking yummy .. need to get playing with it ...

We are going to my cousin Jody's dance show tonight, she is quite nervous, as it has been a wee while since she was last in a show (she broke her leg recently, and also turned 15, so boys taking up dance practice time, lol!!), so I need to go and buy her some flowers. Ethan is excited, as he loves watching her dance, think I might have to book him into dance lessons at some point, lol!!

Ethan also ran himself a bath this morning (seriously, he started running it and also pointed out which Molton Brown bubble bath he wanted, black pepper is his current favourite, lol!!)

Anyway, just checking in, but I will write again later.

em xx

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