Thursday, 6 March 2008

My boy ...

He just keeps growing up.... he went off all by himself this morning and picked his own outfit and came through to show me, it was bad enough when he was replacing the clothes I had picked out for him ..... at least he seems to have mastered co-ordination! (Although he did want to wear a belt with a pair of drawstring trousers!!)

I have just finished a LO of my boy on the seesaw, while we were at the park last year with Jay. He is so full of energy and on the go constantly. I took home his PLP (Personal Learning Plan)from nursery yesterday and read all about what he gets up to. There were lots of photos and observations, if i say so myself, he sounded like a bright, smart little cookie!! He is in for lunch today, so I get 3 1/2 hours of peace, rather than my normal 2 1/2. He is just going through a bit of a fussy phase with regard to food and I though that eating with all the other children (especially his best friend Riley) might help.

My kit from Cleo came today, it really is beautiful. I had a dummy run with a piece of paper, just to make sure I did all the folding and cutting right, lol!! So I am going to work on that for a bit, I might use some of Geoff and Debbie's wedding photo's and give it to them?? Her second kits comes out tomorrow, it is a mini book and a LO this time, so I am really looking forward to getting that to play with!!
Anyway, here it the LO of E at the park, I used the October Afternoon papers, that I discovered on Artbase, they are the County Fair range and are really yummy!
We are doing some baking this afternoon, if he doesn't fall asleep on the sofa again, which he has done the past two afternoons, lol!

ta ta for now
em xx

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Jazzy1972 said...

This is gorgeous Em, love the way the title is done too! Jay xx