Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, we had a fabby weekend. So much fun and most importantly, lots of photo opportunities, lol!! We went to Jumping Jacks (which is a soft play place that Ethan loves) and yesterday, despite the weather, we went for a picnic. We had soooo much fun at the park, down on the beach, exploring the old castle. E was a star and I even managed go get him to eat a roll with 'magic' butter and pickle. The magic butter was dairylee. He wont eat cheese, so i have been trying for ages to sneak different foods into him and this seemed to work well.

Today my April kit arrived from Cleo, it is a canvas kit. I am really looking forward to doing it, as I have 3 blank canvas' that i want to do something with, so hopefully this will be a good starting point.

It was so nice yesterday to have an hour extra daylight (despite the hour less in bed!!) and it felt like spring is finally here, hopefully we will have lots of lovely long days, so we can have much more exploring and fun in the sunshine.

Here are some pictures from Sunday, am just trying to decide which ones to scrap first!! I said we could do some baking laeter, so I need to go and prepare for the chaos in the kitchen.....

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