Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I am in love with felt

I just can't get enough of felt right now, or anything else I can use to hand make embellies for that matter. I love hand cutting and sewing, even though I am half blind trying to thread a needle... while are the holes SO small, lol!

I was sorting through some old photographs (ohh that sounds like a song .....) at the weekend and I found some of my Nanny and me in her garden when I was about Ethan's age. (I knew I had some of her an Ethan in a similar pose, so a LO sprang to mind!). My nanny's house up in Strathpeffer and especially her garden, is a very special place for me (for all my family). It has been the one 'constant' in my life and I just love spending time up there. It has been there my whole life and I have many happy memories of my time there, especially time with those no longer with us. As my mum died 12 years ago, she obviously never got to meet Ethan, so it has always been important to me that he know and love his (great) nanny. She is 86 in May and every year we tell her we need 10 more years out of her!! She is fairly healthy and active, but i know that one day she won't be here any more, so i try to scrap all the memories. For me and most importantly, for Ethan.

Love you Nanny

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